Workplace Investigations

Olexo Workplace Law has extensive experience in conducting investigations in response to workplace incidents and complaints including:

  • Investigations into allegations of harassment, bullying, discrimination and other misconduct
  • Investigations into employee complaints and allegations
  • Investigations into structural workplace issues causing conflict and affecting productivity; and
  • Investigations into public sector misconduct.

We have an excellent understanding of the procedures required in the conduct of an investigation and the difficulties facing an organisation when an incident occurs or a complaint is made.

We provide an independent, confidential investigation service, and specialise in carrying out an efficient investigation to produce a concise and timely report of our findings. Critically, all reports are subject to professional legal privilege. We are able to undertake investigations at the most suitable locations for affected businesses and employees (including in Sydney or elsewhere as necessary).

We focus on providing a confidential, cost-effective and timely service to minimise the impact of incidents and disputes on your business.

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