Payroll Auditing

Olexo Workplace Law uses a powerful in-house custom designed audit methodology deploying powerful audit scripts (the Awaudit system) to provide fast, thorough, and cost effective payroll calculation and audit services.  Our Audit and calculation offering includes:

  • Preliminary workplace payroll compliance audits to identify any concerns with instrumental compliance
  • Annual salary reconciliations
  • Historical underpayment calculation services
  • Full service payroll audits
  • Audit comfort letters; and
  • Confidential and legally privileged audit reports.

Where payroll audit services are required, we are able to configure the Awaudit system to read any timesheet and payroll data provided, and then configure the calculation based on expert legal advice which will encompass:

  • Coverage and applicability of the relevant award
  • Employee classifications
  • Minimum rates of pay, both current and historical
  • Overtime liabilities
  • Applicable penalty rates and allowances
  • Annual salary arrangements in place; and
  • Leave entitlements.

A full service audit can be an essential tool for employers to ‘get ahead’ of any compliance problems they may have, before they develop into a lengthy and costly legal dispute, or Fair Work Ombudsman investigation.

For employers that are undergoing a FWO investigation, being able to provide quick and legally verified back-payment figures can be an essential part of avoiding prosecution.

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